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Fear Sacred Stone


It’s sinking. It’s drowning. It’s a whirlwind of confusion. It’s debilitating. It’s frozen. Can’t move. Can’t act. Can’t create. Can’t be me. Fear is a part of life, but what happens when fear ‘takes the wheel’ and drives our decisions and actions?

This is, Fear vs. The People.

During this show we discuss the different elements of fear, with a focus on anxiety and mental health. Did you know 1 in 6 young Australians has anxiety? Through personal vulnerability we stand with young people who struggle with anxiety. We offer practical tips to help students on their own journey, linking with the school’s wellbeing services.

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RE-IMAGINE: Purpose & meaning

It’s about you, but it’s so much bigger than that!

If you look around right now you see a range of things that have been designed and created. Notice how each ‘thing' has a purpose? It has a reason. It has meaning. It’s got purpose. People are no different. But for you and me to know our purpose, to discover the ‘why' of our existence, it's more complex, and there is so much more riding on us making the discovery.

In Reimagine: Purpose & Meaning, Sacred Stone create a space for students to reflect on their life, thinking practically about their purpose, what motivates them, the choices they make, and how their life can impact the world. The message is shared creatively through live music, visual media, storytelling and group discussion. 

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re-imagine: adversity & resilience

'Life is going good. School is standard, always looking forward to the weekend. I’ve got some close friends, get along with most people. Single at the moment but had a couple of fun relationships. It’s just ‘cruisey', no worries, chill and fun. But then, cancer.'

You could replace cancer with sickness, death of a loved one, car accident of a friend, divorce of parents, break down of a relationship. You could even replace it with, ‘but then, life.’ 

And while adversity is a part of life that doesn’t make it easy, it just makes it a reality. 

Victor Frankl once said, “Despair is suffering without meaning.” Is it possible meaning can be found in hard times? Is it possible to find strength during suffering? And is it even possible to grow and become resilient through adversities?


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