Sacred Stone invite young people to reimagine faith, identity and relationships. 

Sacred Stone was formed in 1997 by Adrian Blenkinsop. Over the years the lineup has seen many different members and the form has taken different shapes, but the driving force behind the band has always been the same: to inspire and motivate young people to discover their true worth through the love of Jesus Christ.

Because the mission of Sacred Stone is different than most bands, they spend their time touring around High Schools and Area Schools across South Australia playing quality music, bringing an inspiring message and connecting with many different people. The presentations have looked into an array of topics over the years, including The Power of OneReal YouThe HeroFriend Request, and the current show is The Other. 

Sacred Stone released an album titled ‘Fall’ in 1998, and an EP called ‘Bubblebath’ in 2001, but since 2004, when touring into schools became the main direction for the band, they have chosen to play ‘covers’, as students connect better when hearing music from artists they love and that they’ve heard on the radio.

The band operates in a very unique way and since the bands beginning there has been around 28 different members – in 8 different line-ups. This revolving lineup means that the style, sound and look of the band is constantly changing. It gives different young Christian musicians the opportunity to be a part of this unique band. These are the lineups since 2009:

In 2013, the lineup consisted of Matt Crook, Chris Lang, Chris Haynes, Scott Vanderzon and Isobel Grear. Sacred Stone started the year with lead guitarist Scott, but a couple of weeks after Term 1, Scott moved on from the band as he pursued full-time work. Since the arrival of Chris and Isobel, Sacred Stone’s sound has ventured down the melodic path of Alt/Indie music, but over the years Sacred Stone has played music from:

U2, The Police, Switchfoot, P!nk, The Temper Trap, Coldplay, Lupe Fiasco, The Wombats, The Black Keys, and many more.

2014 sees new guitarist Lochie enter the band, a new show has been created called The Other, and shows - The Other & Friend Request  are being offered to schools across SA. The band is set to continue working hard to visit as many schools as possible, bringing a message that inspires young people to discover their true worth. 

At the end of 2014 we farewelled Isobel, as she moved into a teaching career. But with goodbyes come new beginnings, and 2015 started with Ashley Bogle taking up the open position. She's an exciting add to the band, and she can't wait to hit up schools in the coming year.   

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